Tailor-made courses Dynamic & communicative educational approach Convivial environment
We respect a range of criteria which ensure maximum quality. We seek to combine all the different elements which help create an ideal learning environment :
Personal advice and tailor-made courses using an educational approach that corresponds with learners’ expectations.
Continuous contact/committment with clients regarding the quality and efficiency of the service provided.
Transparent, clearly-explained learning objectives and methods.
Successful learning guaranteed by small-group dynamics.
A wide variety of educational methods and approaches.
A warm and welcoming Anglophone environment.
A solid, dedicated and closely-knit team.
The personal attributes of our teachers.
The British American Institute - 38, Avenue Victor Hugo - 13100 Aix en Provence - France
Telephone : (00-33) 04 42 27 24 23 / Fax : (00-33) 04 42 27 24 62 / e-mail: bainstitute@free.fr