First of all, we need to establish your current level of French with an oral and written test which lasts about 40 minutes. It defines which one of the six levels you belong to. The test is followed by an interview to determine your objectives, your availability and your budget for us to propose the most suitable class for you.

Groups :

When we have at least three students corresponding to the

three criteria mentioned above, we can start the mini-group classes.

You can join an existing group at any moment throughout the year. However, we do ask that you sign up for a minimum of 10 weeks and that you attend a one hour individual class with the teacher to facilitate your arrival to the group.


Interruption of classes :

If you have already planned to travel, you have to inform us upon subscription so that we will not count the lessons. Every other cancelled class will be deducted from your credit.


Tél : (00-33) 04-42-27-24-23

Mail : bainstitute@free.fr