General Conditions





Cancellation and rescheduling


All activities are subject to a subsciption fee :



A group class cannot be cancelled. In the case of illness or other serious reasons, the class will not be deducted from your account if you can present a certificate from the doctor or an attestation. For a Private lesson, you can reschedule your lesson up to 48 hours before. After that delay the class is deducted from your credit and is paid to the teacher.


25 euros (from 2 weeks to 2 months).


65 euros for a year.


25 euros for intensive classes (1 or 2 weeks).



If you would like to reserve a place on a course, we require a reservation fee of 100 euros. This fee is non-refundable (unless we are unable to find a class for you). Once you have paid for the forthcoming classes this fee will be deducted from the total price.

Company payments




Prices mentioned in the brochure are reduced prices for people funding themselves. Companies located in France frequently set aside funds for training. For classes funded by your company or organisation, our prices are higher. For further information, please consult us . Please note that lessons reimbursed by your company are subject to the same company prices.








The total amount is due before the beginning of classes and is not refundable.



Learning at home




Travelling expenses are 0.50 euro per kilometre covered.





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